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The Catholic Legacy of Michigan, a new and unique television program, was created by Tom Byrne to promote everything POSITIVE about our Catholic Faith. Our inaugural program was broadcast June through September, 2014, in the Metro-Detroit market and received rave reviews.   

It is our goal and mission to keep the Catholic Legacy of Michigan, and positive stories about our Faith, on the air for many years. By doing so, we believe that we will eventually see in-active Catholics coming back to the Church, more non-Catholics exploring our Faith, more parishioners (young and old) becoming more involved with their local parish, more men and women considering religious vocations, more children attending Catholic schools, and more Catholics joining or supporting Catholic organizations (e.g. Knights of Columbus and St. Vincent DePaul), etc.


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Tom has worked extensively with Catholic parishes and organizations throughout Metro-Detroit and Michigan over the past 20 years. He has also produced and developed numerous television and video programs for Catholic and other non-profit organizations since 1984. Tom has spent several years planning and preparing to launch the Catholic Legacy of Michigan television project – and is committed to making it an ongoing positive informational, educational, and evangelization tool for our Faith in Michigan.


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Norm brings 30+ years of first-rate television and video experience to the Catholic Legacy of Michigan project. Norm is an Emmy Award winning producer who is committed to using his production skills and creativity to showcase positive stories about the Catholic Faith to the mass public via television.